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Maremedres is one of the eigth provinces of Gerenia. Maremedres is in the northern part of the country, within the region of Mäeklen, and it is the second largest of Gerenia's provinces in terms of area. The provincial capital is Mergeazes.

Maremedres comes from Proto-Gerenian word mare, which means "region" or "zone", and Modern Gerenian word medres, meaning "north(ern)". The most accurate translation is, then, Northern region.

Maremedres shares borders with the Gerenian provinces of Ramez to the east, Barzat to the southwest, and Clements to the south.

The Northern Sea forms the northern border. On its shores most of Maremedrian towns are located. The entirety of the province belongs to the Camoleo Plains. Most of the territory is covered by conifer forests little exploited. The main economic activity is agriculture (cultivation of maize, potatoes, and fishing).

Mergeazes, located in the east, is the capital and largest city, with a population of about 64,000.

Source: MicrasWiki

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