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Post by Gerald Ruze on Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:02 pm

The Gerenian Football Association has presented a reorganization plan, since vast regions which formerly belonged to the Republic are not being officially claimed by now. In consequence, most of the teams located in the "lost lands" have seen their affiliation revoked. However, they are still able to continue taking part in unofficial competitions.

As for the tournaments run by the SZG, both the Gerenian League 1 and 2 will be resumed in February. The teams located within the "lost lands" will be able to participate as professional teams until the end of the season. The New Adarma Division of the League 3 has been suspended, while the Mayfield (Mäeklen) Division will be resumed in late January.

It is expected a number of other changes at the end of the season, as it is being discussed an expansion of the Leagues, and a reform of the Association's Statute.

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