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Post by Lord Lewis on Sat Nov 23, 2013 12:10 pm

I can't see what I write in this for some reason so bear with me! This may be full of typos. If it isn't then that is a real achievement.

Iam here to promote good relations between our two countries. I am happy to inform you as well that since the passing of our 'clean slate on treaties' policy that we agreed almost instantly to renew our treaty. So our relationship has not changed between our states.

I post to inform you that we have recently annexed Neo Patrova and that they will be in your beighbourhood. This means that the region of this continent will be part of our neighbourhood policy. We
We also invite you to say whether you would like to carry the treaties forward by either entering a closer alliance or joining our area of Freedom and Stability., The AFS policy is our Government's foreign policy and the treaty is based off of the policy. It basicallly makes each party agreed on the general direction of shared foreign policy. We also promote signatories to sign the agreement between themselves to create an area agreeing on these You can see them here

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