Grammar, Chapter II: Nouns

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Grammar, Chapter II: Nouns

Post by Gerald Ruze on Thu Oct 31, 2013 4:44 pm


1.1. Most of Gerenian nouns form the plural by adding -i to the singular form:
sunal (song) → sunali (songs)
elska (girl) → elskai (girls)

1.2. It must be added to the noun -e instead of -i:
1.2.1. When the singular form ends in -e or -i:
leture (alphabet) → leturee (alphabets)
bare (island) → baree (islands)

1.2.2. When the singular ends in -r:
nemer (book) → nemere (books)
fular (thing) → fulare (things)

1.2.3. When the nouns ends in -n:
mesern (night) → meserne (nights)

1.3. Nouns ending in -u form the plural by replacing such letter with -wi:
orau (hour) → orawi (hours)
passau (passion) →  passawi (passions)

1.4. Nouns ending in (-ț)ia form the plural by replacing the -a with an -i:
seeliția (repetition) → seeliții (repetitions)

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